50 years of Nova history

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The last 50 years

The NEXT 50 Years


Celebrate 50 years of Nova history

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We celebrated 50 years of Nova history

In October, 2018, in Denver, Colorado.
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The computer that was ahead of its time.

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...Old friendships, stories, personal musings, special announcements and mini-presentations — and much more.

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The personal and technical impact of the Nova.

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Where: Denver, Colorado
When: October 22-24, 2018
What: Novas, Nostalgia & MORE...

Event Highlights

We Celebrated the technical and personal impact of the Data General Nova and its exciting part of computer history.   This gathering of Nova-creators and Nova-lovers shared a broad range of Nova hardware, software, old friendships, memorabilia, personal musings, special announcements and mini-presentations
...and much more.

Old Friends, Personal Histories and Memoirs

Pictures and memorabilia from the "good ol' days"— shared anecdotes, stories and outright lies...


Live Nova Computers!

Played with working Nova, Nova 1200, Nova 3, and Nova 4 computers running original DOS, RDOS and MP/OS - hardware and software that some even designed!   Pampered our nostalgia with languages like Assembler, BASIC, ALGOL, FORTRAN IV, FORTRAN 5, DG/L, Pascal and others.


Special Feature

Relived the original Nova Spacewar! demonstration for the 1968 FJCC .


The fluid schedule was roughly as presented below.

Computers and other exhibits will be open during the three days.

Geek Challenge:   tests of front panel toggle dexterity and instruction set memory.

Additional technical hands-on sessions occurred pre- and post- conference by special arrangement.

Contests and prizes will be given for:
♦   Most unusual Nova application
♦   Most unusual Nova peripheral
♦   Most unusual Nova location
♦   Most unusual Nova OS and language
♦   Most unusual Nova memorabilia item
♦   Most bizarre hardware problem

But Wait, there's more...
♦   Show and Tell - your own memorabilia
♦   Tell your own story - with pictures, artifacts, quotes and lies
♦   DG Item donations - to the growing DG archive


7:00 PM - 9:00 PM: Social reception (appetizers, bar)

October 22, 2018


9:00 AM:   Nova - The First 50 Years

10:00 AM:   Designing the Dream

11:00 AM:   The Nova Series - The Best Gets Better

12:00 AM:   Lunch and Friends

1:00 PM:   Software Rules!   A Personal Nova 840 Perspective

2:00 PM:   Sales - the Wild, Wild West

3:00 PM:   Paths Not Taken:   Dead Designs and Dreams

4:00 PM:   The Elusive Bird

6:00 PM:   dinner

8:00 PM and later:   Social time - Tales & Ales

October 23, 2018


9:00 AM:   Buzzards to Eagles

10:00 AM:   Soft Ride in a Hard Market: From 16 to 32 Bits

11:00 AM:   Untold Personal Stories

12:00 AM:   Lunch

1:00 PM:   Awards, Prizes and Bragging

2:00 PM:   Announcements: Novas and Software and Museums, Oh My!

3:00 PM:   Nova - The Next 50 Years

October 24, 2018

It happened - whether you were there or not...

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Some of the computers demonstrated...

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And some of the Nova designers, users and lovers...

Are you ready for the NOVA 100-year anniversary celebration...?